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Use Pegboard in the Closet

Organizing Good Things 2005, Volume 2005 Special Issue 2005

Pegboard keeps items off the floor, in sight, and within reach. The board is sold in large sheets; have it cut to size, or use a circular saw or jigsaw. Place furring strips (thin pieces of wood) between the board and wall, so you'll have room for the backs of hooks.

1. Before installing the pegboard in a closet, carefully measure where clothing rods will go -- they'll need extra support. For added stability, put two furring strips side by side behind the pegboard at these spots.

2. Belts hang by their loops, while above, straight hooks hold bags and purses.

3. This pegboard panel maximizes otherwise unused space on the back of the closet door. Snap-in pegboard-hook holders (available at home centers) keep hardware from wobbling, which is especially useful when the board is hung on a door or any other moving surface.

4. Wire baskets provide a home for toiletries and other small items. A key ring and a lint roller hang nearby.

5. A series of U-shaped hooks keeps neckties in line and wrinkle-free.

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