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Setting up Grow Lights

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Seedlings are eager little things, stretching anxiously toward the light, but they may not get enough light in the dark days of late winter and early spring. Rigging together a grow lamp from hardware-store supplies is an easy, economical way to make sure they get all the light they require. The seedlings will show their appreciation by growing into stout, healthy plants, all ready for the great outdoors.

2 eye hooks
Utility-light kit, including hood, chains, and S-hooks
2 basic fluorescent bulbs (1 cool white, 1 warm white)
Timer (optional)

1. To install the hood, screw the eye hooks into your ceiling (start the hole with an awl). Hang the lamp to the desired height, using the S-hooks to link the chain from the hood to the ceiling.

2. Adjust the height of the lamp as the plants grow, keeping the seedlings just a few inches from the lightbulbs. Give them 12 to 14 hours of light a day, but make sure they get a good night's rest. (Setting the light on a timer will make this process even easier.)

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