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Ann McGee: Miracle Flights for Kids

There are 20,000 known diseases. Yet local community doctors can treat only about 200 of them. What happens to the sick children who need to see specialists in another state, but cannot afford the high cost of commercial airline tickets? 

Ann McGee saw a gap in America's health care system that was negatively impacting thousands of financially disadvantaged sick children, and pledged to take action. 

"I have dedicated my life to finding the resources to provide free airline tickets for critically ill children to get to the proper out-of-state medical care that will get them well," she says. "I've knocked down doors and talked to anyone who would stand still long enough to hear my plea." 

Today, her organization, Miracle Flights for Kids, has provided more than 55,000 free flights for sick kids, flying them as far as they need to go, as many times as required by their doctors. With every flight, Ann helps save a life, as one more child gets a proper diagnosis and is one step closer to being cured.

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