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Alternative Medicine with Andrew

In his latest book, “The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit,” renowned author and lecturer Dr. Andrew Weil outlines a step-by-step program he calls the “Eight Weeks to Optimum Health.” A recognized expert on integrative health, natural healing, and preventive medicine, Andrew views food as therapeutic, and as such, his eight-week program focuses, first and foremost, on good nutrition. Whether a patient has asthma, hypertension, or gout, or even wants to prevent cancer, he believes there’s at least one type of food that can help.

Andrew also notes the importance of taking the vitamins and supplements best suited to your personal health profile and minimizing your risk of disease. In addition, he points out that there are several wellness therapies designed to help patients harness the healing power of their own bodies, including acupuncture and some forms of Asian, herbal, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicine.

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