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Jenine Bressner's Glass Creations

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2010

Artist Jenine Bressner's exquisite glass beads were a fan favorite at this year's Maker Faire in New York. With her lampworking technique on full display, Jenine showcased an age-old practice with her own modern spin.

Lampworking -- also called flameworking or torchworking -- dates to ancient Syrian times and became popular in Murano, Italy, in the 14th century. It's similar to glassblowing but uses a torch rather than a furnace as a source of heat.

"I describe the process of flamework like drawing mid-air with molten glass, in three dimensions," Jenine says. "Each color is a separate glass rod that's about as thick as a pencil, and every color has to be individually heated and melted before one can sculpt with it."

Jenine has been making glass beads since her teenage years, and she sells her creations at

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