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Pinecone Cakes

Martha Stewart Living, December 2003

Perhaps the nicest thing about these cakes is that every guest gets their own.

Pinecone Cakes How-To

1. With an oval cookie cutter, cut eight ovals from the cake (or cut ovals freehand using a paring knife). Trim ovals to resemble real pinecones, creating the pointed tip on one end and a rounded base on the other; round off corners and top with the knife so that each little cake further takes on a pinecone shape.

2. Once cakes are frosted, arrange sliced almonds to look like the scales of a pinecone: Starting at the base, set almond slices at an angle and with pointy ends facing outward in a spiral pattern. Decorate row by row, overlapping slices slightly. Cover entire surface. For snow-covered pinecones, dust with confectioners' sugar before serving.

Pinecone Cakes Recipe

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