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Hanging Bird Basin

Originally sold as washbasin sets with pitchers, durable ironstone basins can be purchased at flea markets for between $5 and $30. To make one into a birdbath, choose a basin with a wide lip.

Photography: Wendell Webber

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2000


  1. Cut a length of 18-gauge copper wire to equal the bowl's circumference below the lip plus 4 inches. Thread 2 inches of wire through a lead sleeve, and loop wire back through the sleeve, pinching with needle-nose pliers to secure.

  2. Thread 8 sleeves onto this "ring" wire from the other end, spacing them evenly in pairs. Secure each sleeve. Cut 4 pieces of the 18- gauge wire to desired hanging length. Loop one end of each hanging wire between each pair of lead sleeves. Slip sleeve onto hanging wire, and secure the loop.

  3. Thread another sleeve onto the ring wire. Form ring wire into a circle, looping one end through the original loop and then threading it through the last sleeve and securing it. Insert basin. Twist the hanging wires together, several inches from the top, and form a hook. A rock in the basin helps small birds wade or drink.

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