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Single Flower Arrangements

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2009

Nothing says springtime like flowers from your garden or local garden center. Enhance your home decor by displaying the flowers in single vases; it's a "Good Thing" -- perfect for a windowsill or mantle. Best of all, you only need a few stems to make a big statement.

Single Flower Vases How-To

1. Choose small, clean, identical vessels.

2. Add a packet of flower food to your water pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water at room temperature. Pour water to the top of each glass.

3. Cut stems to desired height with floral shears. If your stems have leaves that will sit below the water line, remove them to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria, which can shorten the flower's bloom time.

4. Place one or two stems in each vessel.

5. You'll want to change the water every 2 to 3 days and add more flower food. Remember to keep your flowers away from drafts and excessive heat.

Flower Life Cycle

Switch out your flowers with whatever's growing in your garden, or buy a bunch of your favorite stems at the market for the duration of spring and summer.

Ranunculus should last about a week. Mums and carnations last about two weeks. Peonies last up to 10 days if you buy them tight, like golf balls. Roses will last up to 10 days; they like cool water, but if you want them to bloom for a party use warm water instead.

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