Here are some simple decorating tips that will give any room a brand-new look.


-Paint any room a dark color to add richness.

-Paint a piece of furniture the same color as the walls and stand it against one of the walls to emphasize the effect.

-Paint the shade valance the same color as the trim, so it disappears into the wall and doesn't call attention to itself.

Light Fixtures

-Make sure all the lampshades in the room are a complementary color. Replace the ones that don't match with new, updated, and colorful ones.


-Decorate the mantle with flowers or objects -- something with vibrant color -- so it stands out and adds life to the space.

-Add accessories to complement the dark color of the room, like pictures with black frames and lots of white matting.

Color Impact

-To add a bit of punch to the room, add a few colorful objects and place them on flat surfaces like on a dresser, bureau, or table.

Special Thanks

Stephen Earle


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