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Part 1

Step 1

Cut a piece of crepe to a length of the circumference of the wearer's head plus 1 1/2 inches and a height of 20 inches.

Step 2

Fold in half from right to left along the length, and starting where the ends meet at the bottom left corner, sew on a gently curved diagonal to the upper right corner, which will be the cap's point. Trim excess crepe.

Step 3

The seam will be in back; trim bottom edge in front to form a curved, inverted V at the wearer's forehead.

Step 4

Cut a strip of three joined leaves (like the lily-of-the-valley petals, but shorter); floral-tape them to cap stem. For each pea, cut a crepe circle 8 inches in diameter, and make a running stitch around edge. Do not cut thread.

Step 5

Place batting on top of circle, and gather crepe to enclose it; tie thread, and stitch pea to T-shirt before cutting thread. Repeat to make four peas.

Step 6

The crepe cape is T-shaped (20 inches high, 4 feet across at top, and 2 feet across at bottom) with rounded edges. Punch two holes at the ends of the T's top bar; loop ribbon through for a neck closure.


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