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Busiest Spaces Solutions

Martha Stewart Living, January 2006

No matter how you sort, shuffle, and stack, some areas still end up jumbled, cramped, and cluttered. You know the spots-they're the ones you use every day: the junk drawer, medicine cabinet, coat closet. But such places don't have to be destined for a lifetime of disarray. Here, you'll find organizing strategies you can implement in your home. A chaotic drawer is compartmentalized with a series of small boxes. Shelves installed in the lower half of a hall closet help manage shoes and outdoor accessories. And things that would otherwise be hard to reach beneath the bed are housed in drawers that slide easily in and out. With the right systems in place, you'll spend fewer hours rearranging and searching, leaving you with more time to do, well, anything else.

Coat Closet Organizer
Car Trunk Organizer
Under the Bed Organizer
Medicine Cabinet Organizer
Broom Closet Organizer

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