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Nutcracker Stockings How-To

Photography: Minh + Wass

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Special Issue 2001


The Nutcracker dances may awaken a child's curiosity about sweet delicacies and the countries associated with them. Here are some stocking-stuffer ideas: Nutcracker Stocking-Stuffer Ideas.


  • Blue, taupe felt

  • Sewing kit

  • Scissors

  • Blue ribbon


  1. Enlarge template, and duplicate to use as patterns.

  2. From blue felt, cut two entire boots, a calf section (cut slit and holes as marked), and a strip for hanging. Cut a sole from taupe felt. For front, place calf section over a full boot; topstitch along bottom three sides. Place front of boot on back; topstitch through all layers, leaving top open.

  3. Place sole on bottom of stocking; stitch around all edges. For bootlaces, lace braided cord through holes at center slit; sew buttons through holes to stocking front. Glue silver star to heel. To hang, make a loop from felt strip; stitch to back of boot.

  4. Enlarge template, and duplicate to use as patterns.

  5. Cut two entire stocking shapes from cream felt; cut shoe shape and a strip for hanging from blue felt. For front, place shoe on top of one stocking; topstitch along top edge of shoe.

  6. Place front of stocking on back; topstitch through all layers, leaving top open. For ruffle, cut blue pleated trim equal to circumference of top opening. Topstitch.

  7. For laces, cut blue ribbon to fit diagonally across stocking; hand-sew ribbons in position at ends and in a few places across their lengths. Sew tiny blue buttons to front of stocking where ribbons cross. Make a loop of blue strip; stitch to center back of the stocking. Glue silver star to top of shoe.

  8. Enlarge template, and duplicate to use as patterns. Cut two entire drum shapes and a strip for hanging from red felt; cut a drumhead from cream felt, and two drumsticks from taupe felt.

  9. For front, make a slit in one red drum as shown on template; this will be the stocking's opening. Pin drumhead in place; slide pleated ribbon beneath it to peek out from right side, tapering at ends.

  10. Topstitch right side of drumhead in place. Place front of drum on back; 1 inch from left top edge, pin red loop for hanging. Topstitch all layers together around outside.

  11. Hand-sew silver elastic cord to sides of drum in zigzag shape; to make tacking easier, sew a kink into cord at corners before stitching to shell. Glue on stars and drumsticks.

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