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Twig Vase Floral Arrangement

Whether it's a bevy of garden blooms or a florist's nosegay of rare hybrids, the right container can enhance the beauty of any fresh flowers. To complement a bouquet of wildflowers, Martha uses a charming twig vase made from a coffee can and sticks. Her arrangement comprises false Queen Anne's lace, goldenrod, and bee balm.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Most flowers last longer in cool environments, but if you want the blooms to open quickly, place them in warm water in full sunlight.


  • Ruler or measuring tape (optional)

  • Paper or paint

  • Scissors

  • Coffee can

  • Twigs

  • Pruning shears

  • Hot-glue gun or rubber bands

  • Raffia

  • Clean pastic water bottle/glass cylinder

  • Flowers

  • Cut-flower preservative

  • Sharp knife


  1. Next, you will need a clean plastic water bottle or a glass cylinder. (If you're using a water bottle, cut off the top half with scissors so that it's slightly shorter than the twig vase.) Fill the container with cold water, add cut-flower preservative, and place the container in the twig vase. Remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline, so they don't rot and encourage bacterial growth, which shortens bloom life.

  2. Hold the wildflowers next to the vase to gauge how long you want the stems to be; cut them at a forty-five-degree angle, using a sharp knife. Change the water every couple of days, and make sure the vase is always full enough to keep the stems' ends submerged.

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