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Schott's Miscellany

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2008

Almanacs -- annual publications filled with statistics, facts, and observations -- are not written too much anymore. But there is one that has received quite a bit of notice recently: "Schott's Miscellany," by Ben Schott, is a publishing phenomenon in the United Kingdom and has now come to the United States.

The purpose of an almanac is to record the events of the year, big and small, highbrow and lowbrow, geopolitics and gossip. To compile this information, Ben consumes as much media -- from the Wall Street Journal to Us Weekly -- as he can without becoming bogged down. When deciding what to include in his popular almanacs, Ben says he "tends to write quite selfishly," looking at news stories and extracting what he needs to know.

"Schott's Miscellany" includes a popular section entitled "Words of the Year," highlighting some memorable additions to the English language. Here are a few highlights:

Ageorexia is to age as anorexia is to weight.

Pronounced like "astronaut," Sarkonautes are supporters of French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

The Male Menopaunch
The dreaded beer gut of (male) middle age.

Parents who aspire to be their children's peers.

For more information about Ben Schott, visit; to view Ben's photography portfolio, visit To read more fascinating facts from his almanac, pick up "Schott's Miscellany 2008," an entertaining collection of this year's fascinating facts and whimsical stories, which was given to our studio audience.

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