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Painted Sneakers

A little craft paint is all it takes to step up your sneakers. Use masking tape to block off sections you'd like to leave white, and paint the exposed areas, letting the seams serve as a guide. A detail brush works best on shoelace tips and narrow spaces.

Photography: linda xiao

Source: Martha Stewart


To really kick up your look, follow our painting tips: Keep the soles splatter-free by covering them with tape before painting. Paint pops when you use it in unexpected spots, such as on shoelace tips. Matching laces help finish the look. 


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  • Clean canvas sneakers

  • Multi-surface craft paint (by Martha Stewart Crafts ($2.50 for 2 oz.,

  • Paintbrushes

  • Fabric paint pens


  1. Cover a work surface with newspaper.

  2. Using fabric paints and paint pens, decorate sneakers.

  3. Let paint dry for 24 hours before painting another shade on top of the original color.

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