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Thrift sales, vintage fairs, and secondhand stores are a wealth of pre-loved treasures if you simply know what you seek. Skimming through epoch pieces at your local thrift store is an excellent manner of saving money on your decor and populating your home with unique pieces. However, not every vintage find is in pristine condition. Chipped paint and scratched surfaces can deter buyers from a purchase, but a simple coat of paint or a new hue can modernize worn items. Here are three easy ways to transform tag-sale finds into decorative pieces for your home.

Dressing the Mantle
Part of the fun of having a mantle for a headboard is dressing the top. On top of a mantle headboard, put decorative things, such as books, small vases, or jewelry boxes. Stay away from hanging large pictures and mirrors, which feel more like they belong over a living room mantle. Just keep in mind that you don't want anything too tall or heavy, just in case it falls onto the bed.


Decorative Picture Hangers
Choose a button with a flat black. Using epoxy, glue a button cover to the back of the button. The back opening of the button cover, designed to slide over a plain button, fits as easily over a screw. The picture is actually hung on another nail from a wire on the back of the picture frame. Thread a decorative ribbon through the eye hooks on the back of the frame and tie it in a bow. Rest the bow on a nail or screw hung several inches above the picture. Slide the button cover (and button) into place; snap closed.


Glass Hurricanes
Decorate a bedside table or a dresser with votive candles set on saucers and covered with glass hurricanes. Place a piece of wax on the bottom rim of the glass to secure the hurricane to the saucer.


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Find More Furniture Transformations Below

Half-Table Console

Create a chic console by dividing a damaged table in half. 


Basket Table

Mobilize your basket with the addition of wheels. 


Stepladder Bed Stand

Tranform your simple stepladder into a stunning nightstand with a streamlined how-to.


Stacked-Bench Shelf

Old benches become architecturally relevant in the form of a DIY shelf. 


Lid-Rack Mail Sorter

Keep your letters in order with a crafty pot lid rack mail sorter.


Bentwood Side Table

Create a chic, modernist table with the backs of old bistro chairs.


Office In A Chest

Compartmentalize with a chest-turned-home-office.


Rustic Outdoor Table

A worn door and clay pots can easily metamorphose into an outdoor table.


Door Headboard

Beautify your bedroom with the help of a refurbished door. 


Garden-Shed Crate Cabinets

Crates can be so much more than stackable storage. Fashion rudimentary cabinets with a quick and easy DIY.


Stacked-Cabinet Armoire

Lend grandeur to your bedroom or dining space by stacking two cabinets for a streamlined armoire. 


Low-Slung End Table

Warped woven sitting stools can have a second life as simple end tables.


Wooden-Shutter Wall Organizer

Devise your own DIY wall organizer with an upcycled window shutter and a coat of paint.


Coat-Hook Mail Sorter

Reuse ornate coat hooks by crafting a cool mail sorter. 


Antique-Platter Mirror

Adorn your walls with an antique platter mirror for a rustic yet refined accent.


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