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Baseball Birthday Party Favors

Source: Martha Stewart Living, 2003


No birthday party is complete without favors, and these baseball-themed treats are sure to make guests smile.


  • Cellophane bags

  • Candy

  • Round stickers

  • Pen or marker


  1. Fill cellophane bags halfway with chocolate baseballs, baseball gum balls, Tootsie rolls, baseball-bat taffy lollipops, wax soda bottles, and Smarties; then toss in a pack of baseball cards, a whistle and lanyard, and a bottle of Glovolium.

  2. Fold over the top of each bag, and secure with a sticker; use plain white round labels, and with a red felt pen, draw two arced lines on each, mimicking the stitching on a baseball. Stamp the stickers with each child's name (the names can also be handwritten), and display the goody bags in a basket near the door, so guests can take them on their way out.

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