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Tips from the White House Kitchen

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2010

Two top White House chefs, executive chef Cristeta Comerford and pastry chef Bill Yosses, share tips on how to make healthy dishes and have fun in the kitchen.

Involve Children
Whenever you plan your family meal, always involve your children in the planning process, says Cristeta. No matter how much you force them to eat vegetables, they'll only eat the vegetables they like.

Make Simple Ingredient Switches
Swapping out one or two ingredients for healthier alternatives can make a world of nutritional difference, says Bill. Instead of sugar, try honey, maple syrup, or other healthy sweeteners. Another idea: Substitute pureed fruit for egg yolks, which will thicken without adding calories.

Use a Scale
Bill recommends an inexpensive scale that sits on your countertop for weighing ingredients, especially if you're doubling or tripling a given recipe.

Sift Dry Ingredients
Sifting dry ingredients prevents clumping and helps you get a more even distribution, Bill says.

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