Although most nursery rhymes are fantastical -- think of the old woman and her overcrowded shoe -- more than a few are based on the exploits (or foibles) of real people, especially since many European nursery rhymes were composed with as satires of the era's aristocracy. Humpty Dumpty is a good example, as some historians believe he was based on either Richard the Third or Charles the First, both of whom were overthrown. How Humpty Dumpty came to be represented by an egg is unknown, but it's an image from which he's now inseparable, and this project expands on the motif. Using the templates below, along with a goose egg and some felt, you can assemble your own version of the fairy-tale victim.

Tools and MaterialsHumpty-Dumpty Egg TemplateVarious colored felts, such as brown, avocado, flesh-toned, blush, red, and blueFabric glue, such as Fabri-TacPipe cleaners1/4-inch hole punchGoose egg

Humpty-Dumpty Egg How-To

1. Print the templates below, and cut out all the shapes on the pieces of felt. For the pants and shoes, lay down the back half of the pants and the back half of each shoe. Using the fabric glue, cover the surface of the right side of the felt from the top of the legs to the foot. Cut a 6-inch pipe cleaner in half, and place one half along the center of each glued area, then attach the front half of the pants and each shoe. Repeat the process for the arms and hands, being sure to leave a small section on the top of each arm unglued so it can be attached to the egg.

2. Attach the pants by gluing the inside, at the top, and slipping them onto the egg. Use a rubber band to hold them in place while the glue dries. Place a line of glue around the bottom of the jacket, and wrap around the center of the egg. Use a rubber band to hold it in place until dry. Flip the collar over, and secure with glue. Finish the jacket by gluing on the hole-punched button.

3. Glue the top of the arms, and attach them to the jacket, folding as desired. Make a hat by placing a thin line of glue on the 1/2 strip of felt, and roll it into a dime-size circle. Glue a 1-inch round of felt to the rolled felt, and glue it to the top of the egg. Finish by gluing the eyes and mouth in the center of the egg. Use the hole punch to make two circles for the pupils.

ResourcesFelt from Magic Cabin Dolls. Blown goose eggs (a selection of blown turkey and pheasant eggs are also available) from Bennett Valley Farm.

Special ThanksSpecial thanks to Aaron Caramanis.



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