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Pressed Pansy Projects: Personalized Stationery

Pansies and their cousins violas have flat blossoms that press and dry wonderfully, making them ideal for projects that will last long after the blooms have faded from the garden.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 1998


Learn how easy it is to makeĀ coasters, a framed wreath, or the pansy cards shown here. Pick up flats of flowers already in bloom, and snip the blossoms for pressing. Or grow them yourself to ensure a steady supply into summer; the more flowers you pick, the more your plants will produce.

To create personalized stationery, apply pressed pansies to handmade cards or to notepaper and matching envelopes. Pansies pressed on their stems work especially well for this project.

Did you know, the word "pansy" comes from "pensee," the French word for thought. If you received a bouquet of pansies in Victorian times, you could be sure someone was thinking of you.


  • Pansies and violas, or other dried flowers

  • Medium- to heavy-weight paper or blank premade cards

  • Bone folder or pencil

  • Tweezers

  • Small paintbrush

  • Clear-drying craft glue


  1. Use or create cards in colors that complement your pressed flowers. If creating your own, make either a single-fold or accordion-style card, using a bone folder or the edge of a pencil to make sharp creases.

  2. Arrange flowers on a spare sheet of paper as desired. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully lift each flower; with a small paintbrush, dab the back of each with a bit of craft glue. Affix flowers to the card one at a time. Allow to dry before moving or touching.

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