Nima's Collection

Nima graduated from the Parsons New School of Design in May 2006. His line is being carried in Saks Fifth Avenue.


Look #1

A look from his previous collection (spring/summer '07) is a sheath dress, with leather, chain, and lame embroidery.


Look #2

A look from his recent collection (fall/winter '07) is a wool jersey top worn over a wool jersey skirt, with a coat.

Andrea Marshall's Collection

Both of Andrea's outfits were made for her senior thesis collection in May of 2006.


Look #3

A cashmere motorcycle jacket with gold and silver studs and leather sleeves, worn with a white tank top and cashmere leggings.


Look #4

A velvet trench coat with hand-embroidered detail and beading, lined in leopard print, worn with vinyl leggings.

Ashleigh Verrier's Collection

Ashleigh Verrier's collections have already garnered her tremendous recognition and acclaim. After being named Parsons "Designer of the Year" in 2004, Saks purchased Verrier's entire senior thesis collection, electing to place it alongside Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Marni in an unprecedented show of support.


Look #5

This particular design is from her fall/winter 2007 collection. This dress portrays a sophisticated flirty notion that highlights a woman's body. The drop shoulder (chemise silhouette) flatters a waistline (creates that illusion). A lower hemline plays for height. The luxury of texture is emphasized through hand-beading, hand-velvet-tacking and, of course, her signature use of lace.


Look #6

This look was chosen to express the concept of whimsy that she frequently introduces to her deigns. The coat sleeve, pant leg, and blouse detail speak to this concept through the use of ruffle. The detail angle that Ashleigh always wants to pay attention to is translated through the collar hand-beading on the coat as well as the velvet tape construction seams. The blouse ruffle is created by layering tulle, silk satin, and silk georgette.


Saks Fifth Avenue

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Martha Stewart Member
February 16, 2008
These are some very nice outfits to wear for the fall and winter