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Organize Your Kitchen

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2009

Every kitchen has its requisite clutter zone, whether it's a drawer cramped with utensils, a cabinet piled with pots and pans, or an under-the-sink shamble of cleaning products. Especially when kitchen-heavy holidays approach, it's important to get that mess under control.

Kitchen storage solutions can help. But you also need a game plan. You need to be smart about where you put what in order to maximize the space you have.

Kevin Sharkey's Kitchen
Kevin Sharkey, our editorial director of decorating, was lucky enough to start from scratch -- and to have help. Martha stopped by his new Manhattan apartment to outfit his kitchen with all the organizing essentials. For storage tips and an in-depth look at Kevin's well-stocked kitchen, see the photo gallery from Martha Stewart Living magazine.


For a list of kitchen items you shouldn't live without, see Martha's Kitchen Must-Haves. See photos of Kevin's kitchen appliances and more decorating ideas on his Home Design Blog.

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