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Gold Rush Game

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, May 2006


Children love to dig for treasure, and this game is perfect for an Old West-themed birthday party.


  • River stones

  • Gold spray paint

  • Marker

  • Muslin bags

  • Dollar stamp, optional

  • Aluminum pie pans

  • Awl

  • Sand box


  1. Spray-paint river stones in gold to create nuggets.

  2. Use a marker to draw numbers on each nugget. These numbers will correspond to the number on the prize bags. Number as many stones as you have prize bags.

  3. To make prize bags, use a marker or stamp to place a dollar sign and number on each muslin bag.

  4. Use an awl to cut holes in disposable pie pans to create sifting tools.

  5. Hide the nuggets in a sandbox and place the sifting tools on the sand. A cactus cutout is the perfect place to hang prize bags for this kids' game.

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