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Chic Tweaks: Coat Nip and Tuck

Source: Blueprint, January/February 2008


From Big and Bulky...To Short and Sweet. Throwing on your weighty, oversize coat -- day in, day out -- doesn't feel like living large. We turned a boxy style into something a little bit "Belle de Jour".


  • Bulky coat


  1. Request a Peter Pan collar from a tailor. Basically, you want rounded -- not pointed -- tips (approximate cost: $25-$30).

  2. Shorten the sleeves to three-quarter length ($25-$30).

  3. Hem the bottom to knee-length ($40).

  4. Narrow the body along the side seams ($30 and up).

  5. Add a sash through the side seam. It should run behind the lining and tie in the front so the excess fabric in the back drapes like a cape ($15).

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