These thick, leathery leaves all come from members of the genus Hosta. Shapes, colors, and sizes differ with variety. Pair leaves with early summer flowers in contrasting textures and complementary colors. We used frilly white Astilbe and delicate green lady's mantle (Alchemilla).

    5- to 6-inch-tall plant yields blue-green heart-shaped leaves 'Hadspen Blue'
    Rich, intense silver-blue foliage with a pewter cast Morning Light'
    Yellow with green edges on thick, substantial leaves 'Lemon Lime'
    Wavy, lancelike; pure-yellow to yellow-green leaves 'Fragrant Bouquet'
    Glossy foliage with yellow edges; fragrant flowers 'Blue Mammoth'
    Up to 4 feet across; blue-green, puckered foliage 'Sum and Substance'
    Long a favorite; up to 5 feet across; brilliant chartreuse
    Mounding plant with glossy dark-green leaves
    'Silver Lode'
    Medium-green leaves; often with large streak


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