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Moving Manager

Although it can be one of life's biggest challenges, moving to a new home also presents the refreshing opportunity to start anew. There's no better time to rid yourself of the clutter that accumulates in even the most well-organized household.

Print our timetable to help prepare for moving day, but you can also begin to plan, pare down, and pack even earlier. For example, if you know in December that you will be moving in June, pack holiday ornaments for moving, not for another year's storage. If you will be moving from a cold climate to a warm one, give away, sell, or donate many of your woolens when spring arrives. If you are moving to a smaller house, you can start getting ridĀ of furniture long before you move.

If you begin the planning (and packing) process as soon as you know you're moving, you are less likely to make hasty decisions -- choosing a moving company without checking references, for example, or packing so haphazardly that things break. Staying focused and organized will keep your move smooth and manageable.

Moving Timetable
Essential Packing Supplies
Tips for Successful Packing

The information on these printouts was excerpted from "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook" (Clarkson Potter/Publishers; 2006).

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