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Old-Time Favorites: Wedding Cakes

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2004

Sometimes the best cake for your wedding is more than just delectable and beautiful -- it is also rich in meaning.

Cakes like Grandma used to bake are the kind of desserts cherished as much for their nostalgia value as for their delicious, homemade taste. A generously frosted layer cake, a moist marble cake, an airy angel food confection -- these are the sweets that evoke childhood birthday parties and other gatherings, happy times shared with family and friends. So why not serve one at your wedding, perhaps the happiest day of all?

Whether you choose a cake that you loved when you were young, one that's traditional to your hometown, or a classic American favorite, its history becomes a sentimental part of the day. And if you adapt a treasured family recipe, your wedding cake can make a heartfelt "something borrowed" -- one that is fittingly shared with the special people in your life.

Transforming a homespun cake into one that is worthy of being the centerpiece of a wedding takes only a little bit of imagination. Here, we've presented cakes that have stood the test of time and given them a refinement that suits a grand occasion. Often it was just a matter of using additional layers and being creative with the embellishments: Gorgeous ruffles of white frosting, darling sugared flowers, or exquisite flourishes such as Swiss meringue fleurs-de-lis take a much-loved cake to a glorious, new level.

With the contrast of wedding elegance with familiar goodness, your cake can poignantly tie the past to the present -- and may just be a harbinger of many wonderful celebrations to come.

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