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Ribbon Trees

Sewing on paper is a beautiful -- and tidy -- alternative to tape or glue. On these cards, scraps of ribbon in graduating lengths are arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree; the sewn trunk secures them to the paper.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 55 December/January 1997/1998


  • Ribbon

  • Sewing machine

  • paper


  1. To make a tree card, you'll need 3/8-inch-thick grosgrain ribbon or seam binding in two colors, pinking shears, blank store-bought cards or folded card stock, low-tack or drafting tape, and a sewing machine. Cut the ribbon or seam binding into strips that diminish in length, so they'll form a tree shape when stacked on top of each other.

  2. Center the strips on the front of the card to form your tree. Using pinking shears, trim the ribbons' ends at right angles to impart a feathery look to the branches, or on slanted angles for a more triangular tree.

  3. Temporarily secure the strips to the card with pieces of tape at their ends. Using your sewing machine, stitch vertically up the center of the tree, attaching all the ribbons to the card. Knot the ends of the thread on the backside of the card, and trim; remove tape.

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