Finished with a sprinkling of glitter "snow," this little homemade house is ready to join its neighbors in a shimmering holiday village.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

To create a village house, enlarge one of the templates by 140 percent. For a house ornament, use the template at 100 percent. Cut out the individual template elements, and using a glue stick, lightly affix them, with their printed lines showing, to sheets of chipboard. Cut along the template's solid lines using a utility knife, guiding the blade with a straightedge. Score along the dotted lines. Pull the remains of the template away from the chipboard.

Step 2

Fold the chipboard pieces so the scored lines are on the outside edges of the folds. Cut rectangles of glassine to about 1/2 inch larger than the window holes on all sides, and glue them to the inside walls. Lay a bead of craft glue along each tab, and join the tabs to their adjacent surfaces. Assemble steeple, vestibule, or any dormers, and apply. Leave the door panel unattached.

Step 3

Prime the house, outside and in, with latex primer. (The inside must be primed to prevent the cardboard from bowing.) Keep the primer off the glassine. Let the primer dry completely. Use tempera or latex house paint for the finish coat. Paint the house (exterior only) and the door panel. Let dry. Attach the door panel. Paint a little snow -- using white paint -- along roof peaks. Let dry.

Step 4

Brush craft glue along the white-painted snowy ridges. Using a spoon, sprinkle with opaque white glitter. Let dry. Coat the remaining surfaces of the house (excluding windows) with craft glue. Sprinkle with a fine glass glitter or fine powder glitter.


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