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Curtain Divider How-To

Source: Blueprint, March/April 2007


  • Fabric for curtain

  • 1 track system (see source below)

  • 2 end caps

  • Snap tape (one for every 4 inches of fabric)

  • Snap tabs (one for every 4 inches of fabric)


  1. Measure for the track hardware.

  2. Measure for the fabric and button tape. Multiply that number by 1.6 (allowing for 60 percent fabric fullness). This is the total width of fabric you will need for the divider (it is also the length of button tape you will need). You will also need to measure from the floor to the ceiling to get the length of the curtain you desire.

  3. Take these numbers with you to the fabric store in order to get the right amount of fabric -- allow room in your dimensions for a hem. Remember to subtract about 1/2 inch from the length (to allow for the curtain hardware ). This prevents your curtain from dragging on the ground.

  4. Sew a simple hem around every side of the your curtain. Then sew the button tape on the top back edge of the curtain about 1/2 inch down from the top.

  5. Install the track by mounting hardware to your ceiling through holes in the track. (You may need to install anchors beforehand for strength.) Attach one of the end caps onto the track and then slip in all of the snap tabs. Put on the other end cap. Now you are ready to snap your curtain onto the track.

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