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Four Homemade Trees: Foil

Photography: Bill Batten

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Winter 2005


Sheets of foil are twisted and scrunched into stars, balls, and canes, all hung with yarn.

Turn cupcake liners inside out; stack, and then glue back-to-back; tie on yarn to hang. Poke string lights through small liners for a radiant glow.


  1. For bell, cut away bottom third of cup; wrap cup in foil.

  2. Roll foil into clapper, catching end of yarn inside. Knot yarn about 2 inches above clapper; slip other end through hole in cup bottom. Loop to hang.

  3. Roll two strips of foil into rods; twist together and shape.

  4. Fold rod into zigzag with ten sections; shape, and glue ends together; tie on yarn.

  5. Twist a small piece of aluminum foil into a tail. Squeeze foil into a ball for mouse's body.

  6. Cut a slit to the center of a small metallic doily; form a cone for the snout; secure with hot glue. Hot-glue snout to body; hot-glue on a tiny ball of foil for nose.

  7. For ears, turn foil candy cups inside out; use red paper fasteners to pin cups to body, placing as shown. Glue on the tail.

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