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Linen-Lined Baskets

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1994


Linen-lined baskets, used in Europe to hold rising bread dough, offer a lovely, practical solution. Many stores carry them, but it's easy to make your own.


  • Round or rectangular basket

  • Cloth tailor's tape

  • Unbleached linen

  • Sturdy needle

  • Sewing kit

  • Heavy linen thread

  • Pliers


  1. To measure a round basket, run a cloth tailor's tape down into it from lip to lip. (For a rectangular basket, repeat for crosswise measurement.)

  2. Adding 2 inches all around for a hem, cut a piece of unbleached linen to size.

  3. Center the linen in the basket. With heavy linen thread and a sturdy needle, sew the lining in place along the bottom inside edge of the basket using 1/2-inch stitches. (If the basket is tightly woven, use pliers to pull the needle through.)

  4. Smooth cloth, and pleat it to fit, making four evenly spaced folds (at corners for a rectangle); secure each fold with one big stitch the depth of the basket.

  5. Stitch linen around the basket's outside lip, turning the hem under as you go.

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