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Making a Clock

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Making your own clock requires little more than an inexpensive frame and a simple motor. To personalize your clock, cover the front with decorative paper, a color photocopy of a favorite wallpaper pattern, or fabric.


  • 5-by-7-inch frame

  • Pencil

  • 2 sheets of 6 mm craft foam

  • Sheet of decorative paper

  • Utility knife

  • Clock mechanism with a 3/16-inch shaft

  • Grommet punch or handheld drill with drill bit

  • Compass cutter

  • Linen tape

  • Bulldog clips

  • Ruler

  • Pushpins

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Remove the glass and backing of frame; set frame aside for another use. Using the backing of the frame as a template, trace the outline onto the foam pieces and decorative paper. Cut the foam and paper using a utility knife. (In order for the clock hands to move freely, the thickness of the foam should equal the depth of the shaft.)

  2. Using a grommet punch or a handheld drill at a very low speed, make a hole in the frame backing at the pencil mark that is the same diameter as the clock shaft (most shafts are 5/16 inch).

  3. Download and print out the clock-face template. Using the frame backing as a template again, mark the center of the shaft hole with a pushpin onto the foam pieces and onto the decorative paper. Using a compass cutter, cut out a circle in the foam and decorative paper, larger than the clock hands and appropriate to the size of the clock face.

  4. Align the hole of the clock face with the hole in the frame backing. Adhere the clock face to the frame backing with double-sided tape.

  5. Insert the clock motor shaft through the back of the frame, and assemble the clock hardware (including clock hands) provided. Stack foam pieces, with decorative paper facing out, on top of the clock face. Place the glass on top of the entire assembly, and temporarily secure with bulldog clips. Permanently secure all sides with linen tape that's cut to size. Remove the clips, and insert battery into the motor. Set the proper time.

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