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Cheerful Colorful Box

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 14 2004


An expectant mom will enjoy this package almost as much for the colors -- exuberant yellows, oranges, magentas, and pinks -- as for the gifts themselves. Yellow tissue lines the carton and wraps something luxurious for baby -- a raspberry-colored cashmere sweater trimmed in yellow. And Mom will feel pampered in an orange shawl, perfect for warding off the night chill when she's feeding her little one. Stationery is wrapped in floral tissue; it can be used for thank-you notes. A rose-scented candle is presented inside its pink box.

We included a few felt items just for fun: a lion finger puppet, darling baby shoes, and for Mom, a bracelet with felt flowers (since it's soft, she won't have to remove it when holding the baby). We found candy bars with wrappers that match the color scheme, and followed through with it in the ribbons, the tag, and other decorations that adorn the gifts.


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