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Flower-Arranging Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, September 2010

When creating a flower arrangement, the color of the vase can be just as important as the color of the flowers themselves. Jeff Leatham, artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, shares some examples of simple flower and vase pairings.

Coordinating by Color
Mercury and Turquoise Vases: White calla lily, hydrangea, dusty miller, succulents, and white roses

White Vases: Tulips, green hydrangea, green cymbidium, dahlia, and calla lily

Transparent Vases: Cymbidium, calla lily

Black Vases (pictured): Blue hydrangea, black calla lilies, allure and lavender "Cool Water" roses, and black spot orchids

Care Tips

  • Remove leaves from flowers to focus attention on the blossoms.
  • Add a splash of Perrier to the vase; the bubbles will cling to the stems.
  • Change the water, re-cut stems, and mist flowers daily to prolong the life of an arrangement.
  • At night, surround flowers with flickering votive candles for a dramatic effect.

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