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Ribbon Glossary

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2006

With so many different types of ribbons to choose from, this glossary will help you pick the perfect ribbon for your holiday gifts.

-Ethereal look
-Great for poufy bows, embellishing, and for mailing things like wedding invitations

-From the French meaning "large"
-The larger weft fibers create the bumpy texture
-Not the best for bows -- you'll get a more angular bow with grosgrain

-Novelty ribbons
-Jacquard ribbons often have beautiful combinations of colors
-Great for clothing and scrapbook decorating

-Musical notes: its width makes it great for wrapping large boxes
-Less expensive than jacquard (with a similar effect)

Wired Taffeta
-This two-tone look creates a dramatic effect when the light bounces off it
-Wire adds another dimension -- you can sculpt with it
-Crisp; good for wrapping boxes
-It creases, so you have to be careful
-Tends to be more matte than satin

-Double-faced satin ribbon
-Comes in hundreds of colors
-The most versatile of all ribbons and the best for wrapping. (Most satin ribbon is not really satin -- it's polyester, but soft as silk.)

Special Thanks
Thanks to Steven Fraser, owner and president of Masterstroke Canada. And, learn how to tie a beautiful rose bow.

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