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This delicious roast chicken recipe is courtesy of Jonathan Waxman and can be found in his cookbook, "A Great American Cook."

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January Winter 2008



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  • julie221
    7 SEP, 2008
    Oh, I thought this was going to be a chicken roasted by a prefect. Just wondering what that would be, ha ha! Got any proofreaders there?
  • Sassychick
    25 MAR, 2008
    I cooked it at 425, according to what Jonathan Waxman said on the show, and I didn't seem to have any problems with smoke. It turned out quite good, and I would definitely make it again. The only different thing that I did do was I flipped the chicken over because I was afraid it would not cook thoroughly, even though they said it was not necessary on the show. All was still good.
  • DelilahJane
    16 FEB, 2008
    NEVER use extra virgin olive oil when cooking anything at high temps. Extra virgin olive oil has a VERY low smoking point; use regular or light olive oil to avoid smoking. Just as flavorful, but without the smoke. Save your extra virgin for it's intended use. Americans are the only ones who use it for high heat cooking. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc use the light stuff for cooking. Extra Virgin is used for salads, table service and the like. I've been making Sara Moultrie's 'Blasted Chicken' for years, and always cook a 4 lb chicken for 45 minutes at 450n n n n . I do like to use a cast iron pan when roasting the chicken. Never a problem with cleanup. DO NOT use a coated, except perhaps one with a Thermalon interior. I was fortunate enough to get to beta test these before almost 2 years ago. (Fortunately, the ones I tested did NOT have the troublesome labels that can't be removed, as the ones currently in the stores now).
  • MS11985352
    9 FEB, 2008
    Question? On the show Mr. Waxman specifically says he roasts this at 425. The recipe says 475. Which is it?
  • JanetElaine
    8 FEB, 2008
    We made this last night and it was so tender and juicy. We did have a bit of a grease mess, but I would take a little mess any day for that wonderful, moist chicken.
  • HallieNacht
    8 FEB, 2008
    I love Roast Chicken- one of my favorite comfort dishes
  • LoveRiot
    7 FEB, 2008
    What is the point of soaking the chicken in water for 20 minutes?
  • lpblanchard
    6 FEB, 2008
    This chicken was very good. I did not have a problem with much smoke. There was a little when I first opened the oven to baste but other than that, I did not have a problem with smoke. The only thing that was a little annoying was the basting every five minutes, but other than that, I would do this again--not every time I roast a chicken but I would do it again every so often. Leticia B.
  • AmyWBauer
    5 FEB, 2008
    This was delicious! I lowered the heat to 425 and still had smoke but it WAS worth it! YUMM!!
  • NFedco
    5 FEB, 2008
    No chicken dish is worth the mess this one caused. Smoked filled most of my downstairs. Clean-up was literally hours. I went through two scrubbers and a rubber glove cleaning the pan and this was after it soaked overnight. The house reeked of grease for two days. The chicken itself was less than desirable. The thighs and one wing were undercooked while the drumsticks and breast were dry. This recipe is definitely not a keeper nor for the average home cook!

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