She packs her own food for traveling. Here's what she likes to bring.

Between packing, remembering all your chargers, and getting to the airport on time, there's so much prep involved when it comes to travel that eating is frequently an afterthought. Not if you're Martha Stewart. It should come as no surprise that our founder always arrives at the airport prepared, and because she travels so frequently, she has a tried-and-true game plan for meals and snacks for trips both long and short. Learn how our founder eats on the go, then channel your inner Martha so you're prepared next time you head to the airport.

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"With a bit of pre-planning eating one's own food is always the best option," Martha says. "I rarely eat in airports, very rarely in any of the restaurants or even clubs." Instead, she packs nutritious and delicious snacks of her own. And when she travels with her daughter, Alexis, they always make sure to bring plenty of good food for her grandkids, too. When flights are less than three hours, Martha says some of her go-tos include hard-boiled eggs (from her own chickens), fruit, homemade yogurt, baked potatoes with crème fraîche and caviar, pomegranate seeds, fruit salad, and crudités (from her garden, depending on the season).

Longer trips call for more substantial meals in addition to snacks. Some favorites include pasta salad, sandwiches, fruits, and nuts—"everything prepared at home," Martha emphasizes. If she's traveling with colleagues then they plan ahead of time what they'll bring. Often it's bagels with smoked salmon for breakfast and fruits, charcuterie, and salads if it's later in the day. "Martha is pretty much a genius when it comes to packing food for a trip," says Martha Stewart special events director Heather Kirkland, who travels often with our founder.

Of course, even Martha gets takeout sometimes. But when she does, she prefers to do so before getting to the airport. "If I am in a great restaurant city I'll order sushi or Mexican or local fare for dinnertime," she says.

What about drinks? As tempting as it can be to grab a cocktail at the airport bar while you wait for your flight, Martha takes the advice of countless health and travel pros and tends to eschew booze on these trips. Staying hydrated takes precedence. "We drink lots of water and very little if any alcohol," she says.

Next time you're traveling, take a cue from Martha and bring your own food. Even if you're not getting them straight from your own chickens, making hard-boiled eggs ensures that they are fresh and made just how you like them. For items like yogurt that should be kept cool, pack a slim lunch tote with an ice pack in your carry-on. Nuts and dried fruit travel well, but don't be afraid to bring some fresh fruit, too. As Martha knows, bringing meals and snacks when you fly means you are never stuck eating junk because an airport terminal doesn't have appealing restaurants. It's the healthy option and one that will also help you save a little money.

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Martha Stewart Member
February 23, 2020
This would be more relevant if she explained how she got items through TSA if there are restrictions at the airport. Is she flying in a private charter jet?
Martha Stewart Member
February 3, 2020
I tried to bring my own yogurt once and they almost didn’t allow it. Thankfully it had enough chia that it was essentially a solid, otherwise it would have come under the 3oz rule for “gels.”
Martha Stewart Member
January 8, 2020
Unfortunately our small (but wonderful) reginal airport will not allow food thru TSA unless it is commercially sealed. So not even sandwiches purchased at the airport outside TSA since they are just wrapped. in paper. But good ideas generally- thx.
Martha Stewart Member
January 7, 2020
So... she eats her food and snacks before passing security? Or how does she do it?