Everyone wants a king size bed, but it's important to consider whether or not you actually have the space for it.


Over the course of his or her lifetime, the average American will spend 36 years in bed. Since we dedicate so much time to sleep, it's important to pick a bed that's right for you—and for your room. You may have pinned dozens of dreamy bedrooms on Pinterest, but determining the style that's best for your space can be a little trickier. Odd-shaped rooms, window placement, and doorways all play a role in how your haven is arranged. Ahead, everything you need to consider before choosing a bed size and style.

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Measure before you buy.

The first decision all bed shoppers have to make? Whether to go with a full, queen, or king size bed. To decide, start by measuring the largest bedroom wall. "If the room is small, but there's a wide enough stretch of wall for a king size headboard, I say go for it," says Virginia Cheek, interior designer and owner of Virginia Cheek Designs. "Many of my clients are willing to sacrifice the extra walking space for more sleeping space." As for walking space, the general rule is to give yourself at least three feet of clearance around each side of the bed. If a king size bed would reduce walking space to less than three feet, you should consider a queen or full instead.

Conserve some space. 

Regardless of the bed size you select, Cheek recommends saving space by skipping bulky nightstands flanking the bed. "Installing sconces on each side of the headboard is a sophisticated way to provide a bedside reading light without a traditional lamp eating up space on a nightstand," Cheek says. "Then swap out the chest of drawers for a small table or shelf that will hold essentials, such as a book, your glasses, or a glass of water."

Consider your style.

Consider the style of your home and your personal preferences before shopping for a headboard. Metal frames can offer vintage style or a chic industrial look. Wood headboards can range from rustic farmhouse style to very traditional. "There are lots of great looks available," Cheek says. "I'd recommend an upholstered headboard for comfort. It makes it easier to sit up and read in bed. And the styles are as varied as the fabric options making an upholstered headboard a good option for either a modern or a traditional home."


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