Martha's Trick for Juicing Lemons Is Absolutely Genius

She takes a common kitchen tool and makes it more efficient.

Among the many things that Martha Stewart excels at is finding a simple solution for an tricky chore, whether it's in the closet, in the garden, or in the kitchen. So, it's no surprise that our founder has found a way to squeeze every single drop of juice out of a lemon—and since her method is easy and takes no more time, it's definitely a good thing.

Whether you're getting ready to make lemonade or simply need a dash of juice for a dinner sauté, Martha's approach to juicing lemons uses a tool many home cooks might already have. The citrus press or squeezer is a handy gadget that allows you to get fresh citrus juice without pulp or seeds. And while most people simply slice their lemons or limes in half before slipping them into the citrus press, Martha has a trick to make it a easier and more efficient. On an episode of the Martha Stewart Show, our founder showed cookbook author and former Martha Stewart Living food director Lucinda Scala Quinn how she juices lemons.

"It's hard to fit those giant lemons into this little lemon squeezer," Martha said on the segment, where she and Lucinda were prepping handfuls of lemons to be squeezed. "This is a little thing I discovered… I cut off the ends without getting into the juice, because then you get more juice." Rather than slice the lemon in half, with one round or pointed end jutting against the top half of the tool, Martha simply cuts a bit of the lemon peel off at its roundest or most pointed end. Watch how Martha handles the citrus in the video above.

Using our Martha's trick, will yield much more fresh lemon juice compared to simply squeezing the fruit. Just like Lucinda said on air: "This is why you're Martha Stewart…"

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