These puffer coats are just as cozy other conventional options, but their filling is a sustainable marvel.

When it comes to sourcing cruelty-free materials for warm winter outwear, designers have their fair share of vegan-friendly options that they can choose from. But most of them are synthetically made, including faux fabrics and filling made from plastics that were created using petroleum, and could be adding more strain on landfills, even if some of the material is recycled. One brand has come up with a sustainable solution that's also cruelty-free and downright ingenious: The use of wildflowers as insulation.

Puffer Coat filled with Flowers
Credit: Courtesy of Pangaia

European-based Pangaia has introduced a new line of sustainable outerwear called "FLWRDWN" that is free of plastic-filled down altogether; coat and jacket shells are packed with petals and other foraged natural materials. According to a report from TreeHugger, the company spent almost 10 years developing the innovative material as a trademarked alternative to goose feathers and duck-based down materials. FLWRDWN products are stuffed with florals and biochemicals that are infused with aerogel for durability. Their final product, a modern puffer coat, is certified hypoallergenic and biodegradable, according to Pangaia's website.

"The wildflowers we source are from areas which contribute to habitat restoration, whilst helping to conserve a species of local butterflies," the company shares on their website. "This kind of regenerative agriculture results in a reduction of greenhouse gas production...the method also helps to preserve groundwater, as it doesn't require irrigation." While the jackets aren't completely plastic free—the shells are made with recycled nylon and polyester—the company as a whole has previously made commitments to conduct their business with as little waste as possible. "We are committed to a zero waste circular system and have joined forces with US-based The Renewal Workshop to make sure that each Pangaia piece lives on by either being repaired and upcycled or recycled on your behalf," their website reads.

The company has launched their new line with three different coat styles, available in a range of monochromatic colors and in various lengths. Pangaia's flower-filled puffers start at $550; for more information on how these coats are made, including just how the company sources their wildflowers, visit the project's announcement page here.


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