In addition to managing itineraries for each member of the royal family, this new addition to the Queen's staff will also be coordinating official state visits.

By Zee Krstic
December 02, 2019

If you're currently tasked with coordinating all the travel plans for your own family, you just might be the perfect person for a job that Queen Elizabeth is currently hiring for. According to Britain's The Daily Express, the royal household is currently recruiting for a new Director of Royal Travel, which was initially posted on the job-recruiting platform LinkedIn. Just like many of the staff working with the royal family directly, this position is based in London, but it's special in that it requires quite a bit of overseas travel alongside the royal family. 

Queen Elizabeth riding in a Coach Trolley
Credit: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Per reports, this new addition to Queen Elizabeth's staff will be responsible for "leading a small team in the Royal Travel office," and will be in charge of operations at "The Queen's Helicopter Flight, based at Odiham." The new Director of Royal Travel will also provide "logistic support to the Royal Household, including support of Court moves, State Visits, and the provision of the staff travel service in support of all Households." Compensation is said to be worth up to £85,000 annually, or just north of $100,000 USD, according to the Daily Express.

You may think that being in charge of the royal family's travel schedules requires around-the-clock attention and care, but the role's description says that the new hire will only be expected to work 37.5 hours each week. There's only mention of "on call" expectations briefly in the job posting, the Daily Express reports, which probably means this new hire will be closely watching the royal family when they make important appearances abroad. But Queen Elizabeth and her current fleet of managers are also asking this new hire to keep other priorities in mind, too, such as making an itinerary as affordable as can be. "This role is critical to ensuring that the Royal Household operates and purchases safe, efficient, cost effective, and appropriate travel services for the official duties of Members of the Royal Family and their Households," the posting reads. 

According to reports, Buckingham Palace is accepting résumés for this open position through the middle of the month—December 20, 2019 is the last day you can submit your application. You'll need to demonstrate just how organized and efficient you can be in managing a large family; while this job seems like a pipe dream for many, we're sure a few of you feel like you've been in training your entire life.


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