Each of these styles adds flair to your wrapped holiday gifts.

During the holidays, we celebrate the ties that bind. But just as exciting in our book are ties that beguile. Regardless of the ribbon material, any skillfully wrapped present can make for an extra special holiday treat. A pretty, polished bow transforms any box into a special delivery. Master these three simple yet stylish techniques, and go to town with your gift toppers.

ribbons tied up in bows
Credit: Kirsten Francis


To tie a classic ribbon, make a loop at the center of a length of ribbon. Wrap the loose end of the ribbon over the loop, then push it through and pull it tight, as if tying your shoelaces. To make a double bow, leave the tails long, make another loop with one tail, and repeat the previous step.

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To tie a ribbon sash, cut a length of ribbon. Fold the ends into the center, right-side facing out; secure with glue. Repeat the previous step with shorter lengths to make tiered loops. (If using double-sided ribbon, simply fold one long piece accordion-style.) Wrap the center with ribbon; secure with glue. Glue one or two more lengths of ribbon underneath for the tails.

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To tie a rosette, fold a length of ribbon accordion-style into a stack, with as many layers as you like. The more layers, the more loops your bow will have. Cinch the middle of the stack with wire, and twist to secure. Cover the wire with more ribbon if desired (just glue it in back), and fluff the loops.

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Martha Stewart Living, December 2019


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