The expert divulges the details you need to know to get your best brows yet.

When it comes to beautiful eyebrows, you could say that Sania Vucetaj, the eyebrow stylist to the stars, knows best. Her clientele includes Hollywood's biggest names, with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna to Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb popping up in her appointment book. Vucetaj's claim to fame? Her signature full brow look, which she has been giving women for over 20 years. If you love Vucetaj's work but can't stop by her New York City salon, you'll be pleased to know that you can recreate the look she gives clients just about anywhere thanks to Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil. According to Vucetaj, "Our formula is a cross between pencil and powder for the most natural finish. The angle of the pencil mimics the brow shape for easy application. The spoolie at the other end is perfect for blending the pencil into the brows."

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If you're struggling to get the full brows you've always wanted, you're in luck. Here, Vucetaj shares her best-kept secrets for full brows, and the dos and don'ts for keeping your eyebrows—whatever their shape—healthy.

Beware of over-tweezing.

While tweezing can be helpful to refine your shape, doing it excessively is the single worst thing you can do if you're trying to achieve a full eyebrow look. "Over-tweezing brows is the most common mistake," Vucetaj says. "But what women do not realize is that there is hope to grow them back. Rather than continue the same endless brow cycle of thinning them out, women need to put their brows on a growth program."

Avoid using products that block follicles or require intense lighting.

For the best-looking brows, Vucetaj advises steering clear of products like moisturizers, sunscreens, and serums that can cause hair shedding and follicle clogging. Other products like magnifying mirrors and tweezing in bright lighting can also hinder the best grooming. "This causes you to lose perspective and over-tweeze," she explains. "Don't tweeze more frequently than every two weeks. Use our Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil to fill in brows and then tweeze only the hairs that fall outside the line."

Tweezing is the best way to shape your brows.

There are several different approaches you can take to styling brows, but Vucetaj says tweezing allows for the most precise shaping. "Every single hair makes a difference in the shape. Tweezing is the best method, as it pulls hairs by the root," Vucetaj notes. As you come up with your long-term eyebrow care routine, keep in mind that waxing stretches skin, which can cause it to sag over time; threading can break the hairs, causing coarse ones to grow in return.

Brow gel could be harming your eyebrow growth.

If you are looking to grow your brows, gel may be an item you want to avoid. The eyebrow maven notes that the consistency of gel is thick and may cause clogged follicles. Additionally, the stickiness of the product can cause hairs to come out as you groom them. To dodge this issue, Vucetaj recommends letting your brows grow back, then trimming them properly so gel won't be a necessity to fill in any holes.

Grow your brows into their shape during your upbringing.

According to the eyebrow specialist, the best thing you can do is look at pictures of yourself as a child to determine what your natural shape should be. Then, for about six months, let them grow back naturally and you'll find your authentic arch point again.

Microblading is essentially a tattoo, so think about it before committing.

If you've been toying with the idea of microblading but are still on the fence, consider the long-term results associated with the service. "We have seen so many disasters when it comes to microblading," Vucetaj says. "Essentially this is a tattoo and will last for years if not forever. Committing to any shape for years is not a good idea since as we age, our brows require a little more lift to open up the eyes and this is not an option with tattoo." Like a tattoo, the brows will eventually diminish in color. "We also forget that tattoos fade over time so the color on the brows starts to fade to purple/blue or orange/red. This looks very unnatural. Moreover, if someone has naturally oily skin then the 'hair strokes' can expand and look less like hairs and more like big blocks," she says.


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