Keep them off your fridge!

By Eleni Gage
November 19, 2019

Your mantel or fridge has only so much space for presenting this season's greetings from family and friends both near and far—and one breeze from a brisk walk by can send them flying. Prevent a paper blizzard—and let every card you receive shine—by displaying them on a crisply updated ribbon board, with grippy elastic trim that secures even the slipperiest of photos.

Kirsten Francis

Luckily, creating the ultimate holiday card board is much easier than corralling your clan for that annual family photo. Make a trip to the craft store to pick up a square foam core (the size is, of course, dependent on how many notes you expect to receive this season!), enough fabric to cover said core—we used B&J Fabrics Linen-Cotton Blend in Bleached White ($16 per yard,—and plenty of stretchy, grippy, and festive trim—we like Pacific Trimming Striped Elastic Ribbon (1⁄4 inch in Red, Green, and White, $1.25 a yard, To create your board, begin by covering the foam core (or any bulletin or cork board) with fabric, then pin it tightly in the back.

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After you've established your base, you'll need to create the squares (you'll be able to tuck a card into each one). To do so, cut 10 pieces of trim long enough to wrap around the entire board. Secure the five horizontal bands first, pulling them snug and pinning each piece of trim in the back; then repeat with the verticals, weaving them over and under. Crafting a larger board? Simply add more rows and columns.

As for where to display your card-filled creation? Consider a highly trafficked part of your home. We're all for positioning it front and center on your mantel, so you and your family can reflect on those season's greetings from your nearest and dearest soften. As for the chances of an indoor avalanche? Not a one.



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