In a new survey conducted by Instacart and the Harris Poll, Americans got brutally honest about which classic Thanksgiving dishes they secretly can't stand.

With Thanksgiving just three weeks away, Americans are already working hard on planning their holiday menus and thinking about how they'll prepare classic Thanksgiving recipes that they serve each and every year. But if the guests who are traveling far and wide for a feast with family and friends had their way, some of the dishes that Americans choose to serve alongside a signature roasted turkey wouldn't even make it onto the dinner table. As part of a new survey issued by grocery delivery service Instacart, data analysts at the Harris Poll dug into Instacart's grocery trends as well as general consumer data to reveal the dishes that guests' truly aren't excited about, even if they're considered a Thanksgiving classic. 

Thanksgiving Dinner at Home
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Nearly 70 percent of Americans admit to nibbling on standard Thanksgiving sides and mains without actually even enjoying them, the survey reveals. The least favorite item on the table is actually a condiment—canned cranberry sauce isn't loved by many guests, with 29 percent of respondents noting they wish that hosts would simply leave it off the menu. Around half of the survey's respondents call cranberry sauce "disgusting," but Instacart notes that shoppers bought 50 percent more canned cranberry sauce than fresh cranberries last year. If there's any takeaway from the data, it's that guests may only spring for fresh cranberry sauce—or simply prefer gravy over any other condiments on the table.

The second least-favorite Thanksgiving item is less polarizing, however: Nearly 25 percent of Americans prefer to skip over the green bean casserole. Sweet potato casserole, as well as boiled and baked sweet potatoes, round out the top three least favorites, with 22 percent of respondents admitting they don't like the orange vegetable's flavor profile and consistency. Pumpkin pie was overwhelmingly ranked as the least favorite dessert option, according to 21 percent of shoppers, but there may be other seasonal recipes you can bake ahead of time instead.

Most shockingly, however, may be the addition of roasted turkey to the list of worst Thanksgiving foods. Nineteen percent of Americans on average may turn their noses up at a carved bird—some may do so because they don't eat poultry, but the survey finds that most do so out of sheer preference. Per shopping data sourced from the platform, Millennials may be the reason why less turkey is being served on Thanksgiving. While 30 percent of hosts choose to serve something other than turkey at their holiday table, it seems that 42 percent of Millennials who host in particular choose to skip a roasted bird altogether. 

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is truly about surrounding yourself with family and being thankful for all that you have—so if you don't serve a turkey this year, don't fret! After all, pork is the second most ordered protein ahead of Thanksgiving, so dishing out one of these delicious turkey-free Thanksgiving entrées will certainly earn you points with any guest.

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Martha Stewart Member
October 5, 2020
One thing some people never understand is that it's trendy to not admit to liking cranberry sauce or to say they "only" eat it if it's fresh. But check out those leftover sandwiches and what will we find on them? Why jellied cranberry sauce, of course. Fresh is a tad messy. LOL Easily solved at the company dinner by having both on the table.