From the not-so-new soap trick to next-level color matches, here's everything you need to familiarize yourself with.
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Full, healthy eyebrows have been a reigning beauty trend for a few years now—a grand departure from the ultra-thin arches that ruled the last decade. The fuller look has stuck around for a reason: A thicker defined brow is flattering on everyone, and it results in a polished shape that doesn't require much product. Have you tried it? You'll notice that with subtly bold, groomed brows, you'll need little other makeup to seem pulled together.

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Eyebrows frame the face, so it's not hard to understand why a good pair can accomplish all of this in one fell swoop. And since this beauty trend has endured, eyebrow grooming products have steadily become more plentiful, effective, and innovative. Whether or not you're blessed with naturally full brows, the new multi-purpose products on the market today will let you fake it. Here, what you need to know about all of the best new brow products available right now.

You're about to hear a lot about "soap brows."

Ever heard of them? They involve exactly what their name implies—putting soap on your eyebrows. Apparently dabbing glycerin on a clean spoolie and running it through the brows has been a makeup-artist secret for years, but the technique hit the mainstream beauty industry when a brand called West Barn Co. came out with a little product called "Soapbrows" ($25, Soap, as it turns out, works much better at brushing up brows than conventional gel. "It also enhances natural volume and keeps the strays away," says Dominique Bossavy, nanocolor infusion artist and founder of the Bossavy Institute for Skin and Brows. "It keeps the shape and direction of the brow in place beautifully. It's great for literally anyone who wants to amp up their brow look."

There are better color matches than ever before.

Even if you have red or blonde hair (shades that have been historically problematic to match with makeup), you can now get a practically perfect, natural match through Anastasia's Brow Powder Duos ($23, They're a favorite of Bossavy's (who counts Michelle Williams and Megan Fox as clients). "I am obsessed," she says. "Especially the blonde one." The two-shade compacts add texture, dimension, and a natural-looking, ombré finish. "They can be layered without looking chalky or caked on," she adds.

Add a cannabis sativa oil brow serum to your routine.

You may have heard of the growing CBD and hemp trend—it's infiltrated basically every category in the beauty world, from skincare to makeup and now, brow serums. "It's great for conditioning, and it has a clear finish that doesn't dry out hairs, become flaky, or leave a white cast, which has traditionally been an issue with some setting gels," Bossavy explains. She likes NYX Professional Makeup "Bare With Me" Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Brow Serum ($7,

Different pencil tips can help you create all kinds of brow looks.

Today, one eyebrow pencil does not fit all; there are a variety of different tips and widths and formulas to achieve whatever look you're after. We love It Cosmetics' brow pencils which come in three different tips: Brow PowerFull ($24, has a triangular tip so you can easily achieve a thick, statement look, while Brow Power Micro ($24, has an ultrafine one, so you can seamlessly draw in hairs and create a feathered brow. Brow Power Universal ($24, has a classic flat head that lets you fill in brows for a naturally defined look. (They're also all dual-ended, with the tip on one side and a spoolie on the other.)

For instant volume, look for fiber gels.

If you consider yourself low maintenance in the beauty department, and want fuller-looking brows in one or two swipes, look no further than a tinted fiber brow gel. So many brands have them, from Milk Makeup's Kush Fiber Brow Gel ($20, to Hourglass' Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel ($28, When you run the brow gel through your brows, the tiny fibers latch onto every last hair and instantly make them appear fuller. (They're so effective, that they've become popular in volumizing mascaras, too!)

Brow highlighters are also worth your time.

The difference between your eyebrows and a celebrity's eyebrows? It's most likely highlighter, a step we often skip. But brow highlighters are there for a reason—they're a subtle, but integral part brow grooming, since they help define the upper-eye area and make your eyebrows look great in photos. Bossavy loves Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Highlighter Pencil ($23, "The color and texture is dreamy and versatile for many skin tones," she says. "It's double sided and has a lovely highlighting shimmer for the brow bone (to create a focal point), and a creamy matte side to define the arch and brow line."


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