For one? You proudly own a piece of art decorated with your cat's furry likeness.
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This text has been adapted and expanded from Girls and Their Cats by BriAnne Wills with Elyse Moody, published by Chronicle Books, 2019.

Forget all the clichés. A modern cat lady is any woman—young or old, doesn't matter—who is cool, compassionate, and creative, and living her best life with her cat(s). Of course, we're devoted to them—they're adorable! In honor of our feline friends, here are more reasons why.

Your Cat Is the Queen of Your Social Media

She has her own Instagram account—and more followers than you do. Your phone is almost exclusively full of cat photos. You really have to scroll to find a picture of a human. And you sometimes forget you're not best friends with Beth Stern.

(And Your Home)

You've chosen a new apartment or house because it has higher catification potential. You've rearranged your living room to give her better bird- and people-watching perches. You have lint rollers in your dresser drawer, by the front door, on your desk, and in your tote bag. You've "favorited" all the best cat collar, bed, and custom furniture vendors on Etsy. You would never spend money on a meal subscription for yourself; for her, only the best chef-prepared food and designer litter will do, and you get it delivered on a regular basis.

Your Family and Friends Treat Her Like a VIP, Too

Everybody who knows you knows not to send you lilies. When you meet up with friends, the first thing you do is take out your phones and show off cat photos. Friends ask you how your cat is doing before they ask about your significant other. You've been gifted an article of clothing or jewelry or a piece of art decorated with your cat's furry likeness.

Your Cat Is Always on Your Mind

You hear a great name and add it to your list of potential future cat names. You even have recurring dreams starring your cats.

Your Cat Is Essential to Your Routine

When your favorite song comes on Spotify, your cat comes out of hiding, tail held high. You've been late to work, skipped the gym, or canceled plans because your cat decided she wanted to cuddle and you couldn't pull yourself away. Everyone who visits you—even the takeout guy—knows her name.

You Can't Imagine Life Without Your Cat

You've huddled through more than one blizzard, blackout, or breakup together. When you come across a cat in need of a home, you ask yourself, "Is there such a thing as too many?" Your relationship has inspired one (or more) friends to adopt one (or more), too.


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