The Best Paint Colors to Upgrade Your Front Door

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You don't need to be an interior designer to experiment with paint color in your home—you just need to follow along with Fresh Coat. We'll help you tackle all of your home's painting projects, from choosing the ultimate color palette to perfecting your method. You'll be prepped, primed, and ready to roll (literally) in no time.

Nothing boosts your home's curb appeal faster than a beautifully painted front door. Not only is it an affordable way to bring a pop of personality to the exterior of your home, but the update requires just minimal work and the entire project can be completed in a weekend. "The front door is a real focal point of the exterior of your property," says Patrick O'Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball. "Painting it in one of your favorite colors can quickly upgrade its look."

When looking through color swatches, you'll want to pick out a paint color that highlights both your unique style and your home's exterior. "Always take into account your surrounding elements when selecting paint for your door," says interior designer Becky Shea. "Consider your window mulling, ceilings, and everything that will live on your front porch so that there are no surprises when that bold or subtle door takes center stage."

Since your front door is the first thing that greets guests arriving at your home, you'll also want to choose a color that sets the aesthetic tone for the rest of your space. "I always encourage people to sample a few different shades in the palette of interest," Shea says. "Even though the front door is a distinct area that allows for an element of surprise, it's important that in the end, everything works well together."

Not sure which paint color is right for your front door? We asked a few of our favorite color experts for advice on this important design decision.

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Sky Blue

sky blue door in white stucco house
Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

When you can't decide what color to paint your front door, look to the sky for motivation, suggests color expert and stylist Sara McLean of Dunn-Edwards Paints. "Use nature as inspiration for your next front door color," she says. "Peace River is a relaxing blue that presents as a welcoming hue to visitors."

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Mustard Yellow

open mustard colored front door into modern house
Courtesy of Portola Paints

In the market for an eye-catching front door color that still reads as a neutral? Joshua Tree is an earthy, golden mustard yellow that Jamie Davis of Portola Paints says feels unique, yet versatile. "Use a foam roller for an extra smooth application," she advises.

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Bright Green

green front door with festive greenery wreath
Courtesy of Annie Sloan / Chalk Paint

A front door takes up only a small part of your house frontage, which is why Annie Sloan, creator of Chalk Paint, says you shouldn't shy away from a commanding paint color. "As a total colorphile, I can't resist richly pigmented front doors," she explains. "Amsterdam Green is handsome and eternally sophisticated, referencing as it does those grand Dutch houses lining the canals of that great city."

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Barely Black

black front door on white house with brick entry way
Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

A chic, glossy coat of almost-black paint can make a big impact on your front door. "A front door painted in a classic, stately, strong and masculine statement hue, like Dark Engine by Dunn-Edwards, is always in style," McLean says. "Make sure to finish with three to four coats of high gloss to show it off."

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Pale Yellow

pale yellow front door on town house with tree decorations
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Nothing brightens up a home's exterior faster than a sprightly shade of sunny yellow. "English Scone GE-40 is a cheerful yellow that adds just enough pop to make a house feel friendly and inviting," says Hannah Yeo, the color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. "If the door is in bad shape or repairs were done, consider first priming the door with a high-quality primer."

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Bright Red

bright red front door paint color
Courtesy of Behr

A bold red door—in a shade like Behr's 100 MPH—painted on a light-colored home creates an immediate sense of intrigue. "Red works well for a front door because it's fun and makes the first thing you see in a home a conversation piece," says Shea. "It's a great way to incorporate color without going nuts."

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Dark Green

Dark Green front door paint color
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Never underestimate the impact of an elegant, dark front door. "Dark, moody greens that are almost black, like Sherwin-Williams' Jasper, make a dramatic statement that works well with almost any exterior shade," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

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Muted Green

sage green front door with stone steps entrance way
Courtesy of Behr

Believe it or not, our experts say painting your front door in a muted, mellow shade of green—like Behr's 2020 Color of the Year, Back to Nature—will help set a calming vibe for the rest of your home. "A soft shade of green creates a soothing entrance to welcome your friends and family," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr.

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Pale Coral

Pale Coral front door paint color
Courtesy Cassie Bustamante via Sherwin-Williams

For a chic-but-unexpected paint color that will add charm and elegance to your entry, our experts say a soft rose, like Comical Coral by Sherwin-Williams, is the way to go. "Add a quirky, friendly accent to your home with a pale coral front door," Wadden says. "It also works especially well with white siding."

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Earthy Green

Earthy Green front door paint color
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

If you want to play up the hues of the surrounding landscape when painting your front door, our experts recommend a sophisticated earth-toned green like Farrow & Ball's Lichen. "I love green for a front door because it works holistically with nature," Shea says.

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Navy Blue

Navy Blue front door shutter paint color
Courtesy of Behr

Ask any color expert and they'll say the same: Classic navy blue, like Very Navy by Behr, is a neutral that's every bit as versatile as it is eye-catching. "Navy blue is a great option for your front door and your shutters," says Woelfel. "Especially for a home with an all-white exterior."

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Earthy Clay

Earthy Clay front door paint color
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Dreaming of a red front door but aiming for something a little more subdued? Consider a terra-cotta shade, such as Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams, to energize the exterior of your home. "A warm, welcoming red beckons visitors in," Wadden says.

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Teal Blue

Teal Blue front door paint color
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

A rich shade of teal blue livens up any exterior. "Rich, jewel-toned blues, like Sherwin-Williams' Oceanside, are bold and playful on a front door," Wadden says. "They provide a happy pop of color for homes with lighter, neutral-colored siding."

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