The 12 Best Paint Colors for Your Front Porch, According to Experts

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Your front porch sets the tone for your home. That's why a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the area as a whole. "Your front porch is where your home makes its first impression," says Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. "With the right color, you can transform an ordinary entryway into a welcoming and inviting greeting area."

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a paint color for your front porch. "Consider the botanicals in your garden and play off those colors," says interior designer Crystal Sinclair. You'll also want to think about the amount of light your porch receives. "A south-facing porch will struggle with darker colors, so it's best to use lighter shades," says Patrick O'Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball.

Ready to revamp your front porch with a crisp coat of paint? These expert-approved paint colors are a great place to start.

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Dark Green

Dark Everglade
Courtesy of Behr

Add a layer of drama to your landscape by opting for a dark green hue, like Behr's Dark Everglade. "Retreat into an exotic place with Dark Everglade—an inspirational blackened green that makes a dramatic porch statement," says Erika Woelfel, color expert at Behr.

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Deep Blue

Pale Blue Paint Swatch
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Go with a chic and eye-catching shade of deep blue, like Benjamin Moore's Evening Dove, to create a stylish front porch scene that you can see from the street.

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Natural White

Natural White
Courtesy of Behr

You can never go wrong with the simplicity of white, which works with a range of other colors and design elements. "Natural White creates an elegant layer of luxury like the first foam sip on your favorite frothy beverage, bringing warmth and comfort to outdoor settings," says Woelfel.

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Pale Blue

Pale Blue Paint Swatch
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Not ready to commit to painting your entire porch? Highlight the accents with pale blue paint, instead. "Front doors, ceilings, and shutters are a great place to add color," says Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. "Blue porch ceilings have been a long-standing tradition in many parts of the country for centuries. Whether used to keep bugs away or to help visually extend daylight by matching the color of the sky, colors like Clear Skies 2054-70 and Arctic Blue 2050-60 are popular choices."

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Gratifying Grey
Courtesy of Behr

A hue that stands the test of time, greige is exactly what it sounds like—a mashup for gray and beige. "Gratifying Gray delivers a soothing sense of satisfaction as a light base gray with purity and elegance to elevate any outdoor space," says Woelfel.

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Slate Blue

Adirondack Blue
Courtesy of Behr

Bring nature to your front door by opting for a hue that's reminiscent of the great outdoors. "A stable and reassuring slate blue, Adirondack Blue echoes the calm respite of natural, outdoor settings and refined sophistication," says Woelfel.

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Gray Green

Jungle Camouflage
Courtesy of Behr

If you want to add color to your front porch but aren't ready to commit to something too bold, consider a calming green, like this shade from Behr. "A subtle and relaxed gray-green, Jungle Camouflage possesses unlimited versatility that effortlessly transforms exterior spaces," says Woelfel.

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Water Blues

Gentle Sea
Courtesy of Behr

For a soft pop of color on your front porch, consider painting the ceiling in a simple shade of light gray-blue, such as Gentle Sea or Light Drizzle. "A serene grayish-blue provides a cooling note overhead on the ceiling, making it a perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee," Woelfel says.

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Silvery Gray

Silver Mine
Courtesy of Behr

Looking for a sophisticated paint color that will enhance your porch's architectural details? Go for a sleek shade of silvery gray. "A composed gray-white, like Silver Mine, will elegantly play up interesting architectural elements on your porch and works wells with almost any color," Woelfel says.

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Swiss Coffee
Courtesy of Behr

You can always count on a creamy coat of off-white paint, like Behr's Swiss Coffee, to upgrade the ambience of your front porch. The versatile hue plays nicely with the exterior of just about any home. "Since front porches often take up a decent amount of surface area, you want a warm but neutral hue that blends nicely with the overall exterior scheme of the house," says Woelfel.

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Light Gray

Classic Grey
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

If you painted the exterior of your home in a commanding color, use a soft and versatile shade of gray on your front porch to tone things down. "Light grays like Classic Gray OC-23 and Stonington Gray HC-170 work well with a variety of different hues," Yeo says.

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Meadow Green

Back To Nature
Courtesy of Behr

When in doubt, draw from the colors in your surrounding landscape. "Green is a great shade for front porches because it ties in the [greenery] around the house to create a beautiful and cohesive look," says interior designer Ariel Okin. Consider a meadow-inspired green, like Behr's Back to Nature. It will warm up your front porch without stealing any focus from your gorgeous lawn.

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